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  There are a lot of common factors which lead to failure of a blog some of them can be lack of organized planning or inappropriate use of keywords. These are 5 Common Blogging mistakes m ade by   beginners.   1.         Selecting   In appropriate keywords or Topic: It is important to select the right keywords for your blog post. The keywords with high traffic volume and medium to low competition are easy to rank. If you rank for a wrong keyword then seldom people will visit your blog and you will not get any traffic. Selecting the right keyword is a key contributor to the blog’s success or failure. There is a lot of traffic on high volume keywords but their competition is also high so in this case use of long tail keywords I recommended.   2.         Not consistent in blog posts.   Consistent writing also can generate large amounts of traffic   and audience for your blog. The following will help you   1.       Blog   in a consistent manner, ie daily or every altern
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10 Best SEO Techniques for 2020 To Rank A Website

10 Best SEO Techniques for 2020 To Rank A Website     We all do know that Content is the king as far as on page is concerned but there are a lot of   SEO techniques that would help you a great deal in 2020. I will discuss some of these techniques in detail     further in this blog. This will give you a better understanding abut SEO techniques in 2020.   Some of the Techniques are :   1.        Video Optimization: Not only content is enough to rank a website in 2020 but we can also add video in our content to optimize it. We need to optimize the video also with correct details like title and meta description to it. Videos can help to rank the content faster.   2.           Quality Vs Quantity                   Time and again we see that bloggers filling up their blog with irrelevant articles. More than the      quantity   the quality of the articles are also very important.   3.        Use of SEO Tools: It is important to use SEO tools like and ah

Social Media and SEO Ranking Factors

Social Media and SEO Ranking Factors I observed traffic and rankings to  my personal SEO blog  after  penguin 3.0 update  I have got extreme changes.  Here are the techniques I have applied in 2014 to my BlogSpot blog. Monthly updating blog posts    Content optimization (internal linking for long tail keywords) Sharing post on social media sites Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Linkedin.      Suggestions to get good traffic and ranking to your website in search results.   On Page Checklist & Techniques Add your website in Google webmaster tools and register Google analytics Proper redirects (Make sure your website URL’s everything with  www) Update XML Sitemaps for Images and videos. Update robots.txt Write Meta tags for all pages (Title and description only) Write H1 and ALT tags Put  schema code for your website official logo . Update internal linking to your unique and quality content Check and fix broken links Create custom 404 pages Social

Best Email Hosting in India – Top 10 Email Hosting India (2020)

Best Email Hosting in India – Top 10 Email Hosting India (2020)   admin     20th May 2020   0 We have looked at different kinds of web hosting plans. These are all plans geared at hosting websites on either one or more servers that are owned and leased out by  best hosting in India . Now, we change gears slightly and move to a very vital part of the business that can at times be overlooked, even though it is highly important for communication on the internet. Just as texting quickly overtook voice calls in day-to-day communication, so has emails overtaken phone calls in all but the most urgent of business matters. There are many free email hosting providers out there such as Google and Yahoo. These emails usually have the providers name as the domain name on the email address like or Businesses, however, may need a more  professional email address  with their own domain rather than and this where Email Hosting companies in India comes into the

5+ Best WordPress Autoblogging plugins for Content Curation

WordPress autoblogging plugins help us to keep our blog and website refresh and keep it growing. Many times we face this issue that we don’t get much of the time to maintain the blog and you should be ready to maintain your blog when you are busy. However, it is not that easy to create fresh content every day and especially when you’re too busy. Another issue is that, many of us can’t afford freelance writers to write the new content and if we can also, there is no guarantee that it will be of high quality that we expect from our blog. Recently I have started a niche blog (I’ll write the case study as for how it will perform further) and have hired a girl for the content. She is delivering the content on time but not getting the quality that I expected and so have to spend much of the time to edit that article. So another approach of this isWP Autoblog plugin. WordPress auto content generator can help you in such scenario. This WordPress autoblogging plugin allows you to generate free

Unreal Engine vs Unity: Which is Better?

Unreal Engine vs Unity: Which is Better? Unreal has been around so long and used in so many games, that it was developed Gettysburg address. Although not quite that old, (released in 1998), Unreal has a storied and multilayered history.It was developed by Epic Games. It has been used in all genres of games across the past twenty years. Titles like the original Deus Ex, Splinter Cell, and of course the Unreal Tournament series all have utilized this engine. Unity was developed by Unity Technologies in 2005.Some famous titles using the Unity engine are the wildly popular Temple Run, Rust, Pillars of Eternity II, and 2017’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. GRAPHICS QUALITY For many big studios, Unreal 4’s graphical quality is their preferred choice when deciding on graphical prowess. Unity is a little on the lighter side where the graphics are concerned. Unreal Engine vs Unity Asset Store Another major consideration in choosing a gaming engine is the asset store.Now a days people like to dra